Frantoio Sant’Agata: Pate di Carciofi Artichoke Paste



The traditional nut sauces, tomato pastes, green sauce, Ligurian pesto and red pesto are the basic ingredients of Italian cooking. Ligurian pesto made at the Mill contains more than 80% Ligurian basil paste and now satisfies even the most sophisticated of palates. Extra virgin olive oil from the Mill enhances other sauces and pastes, giving them a delicate and special flavour that is unique. Our knowledge of the history of regional gastronomy makes us proud to share a new flavour with our loyal customers and any new friends. The characteristic and delicate flavour of these smooth pastes makes them an excellent choice when preparing sauces, first courses, side dishes and fish or meat dishes. They are also an important ingredient for making canapés and delicious sandwiches, which make an ideal accompaniment to alcoholic aperitifs or fruity cocktails.6.50


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